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About ImaGem®

ImaGem Inc. is a gem information company based on patented technology for grading and identifying gems. ImaGem is the culmination of 20 years of research done on human perception and ImageStatistics, a powerful statistical tool developed by Dr. Aggarwal. ImaGem’s Systems employ advanced optics, imaging technology and proprietary software programs to automate and integrate diamond grading.

Beyond providing the 4C’s, ImaGem also supplies Light Behavior information based on precise and repeatable measures three complimentary dimensions of brilliance, intensity and sparkle. Another breakthrough by ImaGem is the capability to uniquely identify and register a stone without any need for inscription. By offering all this information, ImaGem will improve decision-making and efficiency in the gem industry supply chain.

GL 1000 VeriGem

GL 1000 VeriGem® unit

The VeriGem system is used by diamond manufacturers, jewelers, jewelry manufacturers, internet retailers, grading labs and gemologists for direct measurement of light behavior and for registration and verification of a stone. Direct measurement of light behavior shows the beauty of a stone. Registration and verification are used to check inventory, to check that the correct stone has been transacted, and to verify that particular stones have been used in a piece of jewelry. VeriGem can be used for round as well as fancy shapes and branded cuts



GemInsight® - a powerful point of sale display unit to support sales of gemstones. GemInsight is the only patented device available that displays loose as well as mounted diamonds and gemstones of any shape and size for different lighting situations.

GemInsight offers an educational and enjoyable personal experience to customers when buying gems and jewelry. It is a perfect tool to explain the science and the beauty of a stone to an experienced gemologist or a layperson in a simple and understandable language.

GL 3100 Grader unit

GL 3100 Grader unit

The GL 3100 Grader unit is used by grading labs, manufacturers, and internet retailers for grading stones on gauging, color, fluorescence, light behavior and symmetry. This instrument is fully automated and works at the touch of a button. This is the first integrated diamond grading system available in the world. The system scans a diamond and grades on gauging, color, fluorescence, light behavior, symmetry, and cut.

Direct measurement of light behavior for cut and appearance grade is currently available for round brilliant, marquise and princess shapes, branded cuts and other shapes are available on request

GL 5100 Clarity Instrument

GL 5100 Clarity Instrument

The GL 5100 Clarity unit is used by grading labs, manufacturers, and internet retailers for measuring and precisely mapping inclusions and for clarity grading. In a manufacturing facility the system is used for inclusion measuring and mapping in uncoated rough to help with the cutting operation and for evaluating a finished good on clarity grade.

A special cleaning instrument first cleans the diamond, which is then immersed in a non-toxic liquid for imaging. Depending on the clarity of the diamond, a single image may be required or multiple images may be needed. Clear stones (IF through VS2) require more time to be imaged, as multiple passes are required.

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